Junie B. Jones The Musical @ The Arvada Center

Upcoming Events

Save the Date:

May 20th: 2nd Grade Field Trip to The Children's Museum

May 20th- Lion King Jr. Opening Night @ 6pm

May 24th - Portfolio Viewing @4:30pm 

               School Picnic 5-7pm

May 26th: Last Day of School  


Units of Study

Science:  Interdependent relationships in Ecosystems. (Adaptations)

Social Studies: Using maps to locate cultural, political and natural features.

Math:  Exploring division and subtraction

Writing:  Writing Narratives 

 Reading:  Compare two non-fiction texts on the same topic.

Technology and Research: Keyboard practice - Dance Mat and Typing.Com



Online Learning Links

Pebble Go (reading): http://www.pebblego.com/

Raz-Kids: www.raz-kids.com

Sum Dog (math): http://www.sumdog.com

Dance Mat (typing): http://kidztype.com

Your child has the passwords!

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Did You Send a Brain-Food Snack Today?

Please be sure to send a healthy

 snack with your child to school. Everyone is very hungry by snack time!

Thanks for your great help with this!

 We Take our Brain-Food Break at 9:30

Recess Reminder 

Please remember to dress your student for outdoor recess in any weather. We will go outside for recess every day unless it is below freezing or actively raining/snowing. Colorado weather changes quickly, so please be sure your child is prepared.


We will be using Spelling City as a tool to help you practice spelling words each week.  Weekly homework is as follows:

Monday: Sort Spelling Words

Tuesday: Write words in ABC order

Wednesday: Use speling words in complete sentences.

Thursday: Practice Spelling Test

Friday: Spelling Test!



Birthday Celebrations

From The Office of Mrs. Kaczar

Please remember that we are excited to honor your child’s day of birth! Students are permitted to share a special gift with their classmates if you would like. We are asking parents to refrain from bringing in birthday food for a number of reasons. Our Healthy Schools Successful Students Team would like to provide a healthy environment free of sugar during the instructional day. Also, there are a number of students with food allergies and special diets. It is critical to provide a safe and inclusive environment. Lastly, we have found other meaningful and memorable ways to celebrate the children without including sugary snacks.  If you have any questions, please ask your child’s teacher.  Thank you for your cooperation and support! 


  Contact Information

Please Relay Urgent Information Through the School Office @ 720-972-3620

Our school is located at

10604 Grant Drive, Northglenn, CO 80233



Teacher Contact Information 

Ms. Carrie Pepler

Phone:    720.972.3659.

Email:  carrie.pepler@adams12.org

Mrs. Gianna Fable

Phone:    720.972.3645

Email: gianna.t.fable@adams12.org

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